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Wood Arbor Restoration

An arbor serves as a beautiful, natural-looking garden accent. Its vertical structure often features an open framework in order to encourage the growth of fragrant and colorful vines. With or without these plants, however, most wood arbors still blend in very well with garden landscapes. Aside from their artistic features, arbors can also provide a bit of shade and privacy, divide different areas of the garden, and direct the flow of foot traffic.

While all arbors are designed to last several years, the wood will always deteriorate over time. If your arbor starts to look worn-down and gray, it’s probably time for some thorough maintenance work or to have it replaced entirely.

When working with an old wood arbor, you will first need to assess its general condition and the amount of work needed to repair it. As a general rule, you won’t need to replace an arbor as long as it is still structurally sound. If the damage is limited to its aesthetic elements, you can simply restore the wood by utilizing the usual maintenance techniques, which involve cleaning, sanding, brightening, and sealing.

So, as you can see, wood arbor restoration is actually very similar to other outdoor wood restoration projects. The basic steps and techniques are the same. However, that also means that it suffers from the same pitfalls and weaknesses. For example, an amateur handyman or DIYer may not be familiar with many of the techniques that the professionals use. Chances are that they are also unaware of the numerous tricks of the trade, which can only be learned through years of experience.

Remember that if you want quality workmanship and lasting results, your best option will always be to hire a professional. Don’t settle for second best. While it may be a bit more expensive at the start, professional work is definitely more beneficial in the long run.