In states like Texas, homeowners constantly live with the possibility of local wildlife making its way into their homes. From smallest critters to the largest beasts, homeowners need to be prepared for the worst. While those living in the city and suburbs will obviously have less need to worry about deers and coyotes, the urban and suburban environments also have their own set of challenges, specifically those posed by dogs, cats, and other smaller creatures. In other words, wherever you live, there will always be a chance of animals finding their way into your lot. Fortunately, there is a quick fix to this problem: keep them out with a fence.

While there are plenty of effective fencing techniques that you can use to keep animals out, do keep in mind that the most effective technique may not be the best technique in some situations. For example, a high metal fence may be an incredibly effective solution. However, having one around your suburban home is definitely far from desirable. The unsightly image of a bulky perimeter fence will not only make your home look unwelcoming, it may also significantly affect its resale value.

We understand that this may sound confusing to some. You may be torn between choosing a fence that’s effective and one that looks good, but do keep in mind that the two concepts are not mutually exclusive. Here are a few tips to choosing a well-balanced, effective, and aesthetically-pleasing fence.

Place a wire fence behind your wooden one. Wire fences are very effective at keeping little critters like mice and rabbits out of your yard. However, they can be very unsightly if left in the open. So, what should you do? Simply place the wire fence behind your wooden one. The exterior wood fence should keep your yard looking good from the outside, but the wire fence behind it should help you keep it secure from smaller animals.

Consider an electric fence. Note: please remember that an electric fence should only be installed when completely necessary. This option will not only require you to use up electricity, but it can also be traumatic for animals and children. If you do consider it necessary to install an electric fence, carefully consider how powerful the shock is. Ideally, it should be strong enough to keep animals at bay, but weak enough to not cause damage to children.

Try liquid deterrent. Some animals, such as cats, dogs, and deer, are repelled by strong-smelling liquids. Their strong sense of smell make harsh scents very unpleasant for them, so consider using that to your advantage.

Whatever you want to do to keep animals out, your fence will always play a crucial role. Take it up a step further with the methods described above.