gazeboEvery family wants to create a welcoming atmosphere that draws people into their home. One surefire way of doing so is by having a beautiful, well-maintained garden. Moreover, tending to your garden won’t just improve the aesthetics of your home, it will also serve as a testament to your love for the outdoors. Considering all of this, it’s quite easy to see why you would want to install an arbor in your garden.

Arbors play a crucial role in the first impression your property makes on new visitors. If you’re unsure of what an arbor is, all you really need to know is that it’s a wooden landscaping structure that often serves as an entrance to beautiful gardens. Whether you’re growing flowers, vegetables or crops, you’ll want to choose an arbor that encourages visitors to explore your property further through its resonating beauty and welcoming feel. Why bother, you may ask. You may be telling yourself that all you need is a simple gate that fits in well with your wooden fence — and, for some, this may actually be true. However, many gardeners and professional landscapers swear by arbors. Provided that you choose the right arbor, you can definitely capitalize on its unique charm and quaint aesthetics to significantly improve your garden.

With that said, the real question becomes quite clear. It’s not “should I get an arbor?” Rather, it is “how do I choose the right arbor?” Fortunately, you’ve come across the right article. Here are a few simple tips that should come in handy when picking an arbor.

Pick the right wood. A wide variety of wood is used to build arbors. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to get an arbor that uses the same type of wood as your wooden fence. This is usually the best choice, seeing as the uniformity will likely improve the overall look of your garden. However, there are also instances where you’ll need to go with a different type of wood. For example, if you’re operating on a very tight budget, then you’ll obviously need to choose an arbor that you can afford. Keep in mind that arbors made from high-quality wood usually cost anywhere between $200 to $300.

Measure the entrance. There are two very obvious reasons why knowing size of your garden’s entrance is so important: (1) you need to know how large your arbor needs to be; and (2) you need to estimate how much the arbor will cost you. Note that the larger your arbor is, the more materials and work it will need.

Consult a professional. If you’re having trouble picking the right arbor for your garden, you can always consult a professional. In fact, some experts may even offer to build the arbor for you or at least refer you to a contractor who can. Though this option may initially cost you more money, it’s easy to see how and why it will benefit you in the long-run. Not only will it help you save the time and effort involved in doing the project yourself, you can also rest assured of the arbor’s quality and sturdiness.