Things to Consider When Choosing a Gazebo

arbor planoProvided that you have a large enough space, a gazebo can add a ton of value to your home! It can be the perfect place to bond with your spouse, play with your kids or simply sit back and relax. You can do whatever you want in gazebo, all while taking in the magnificent beauty of Mother Nature.

With all that said, it’s pretty easy to see why many homeowners want to add a gazebo to their lot. In fact, you may have even been tempted to build one yourself at one time or another! Don’t worry though. That’s completely understandable, since gazebos do bring about a certain charm to your property. You can read more about how they add value to your home here.

Fortunately, many of today’s manufacturers have come up with gazebo kits that only require minimal work to assemble. Despite this however, you should know what type of gazebo you’re buying.

Gazebos have two basic styles:

Wood – Usually, the wood used is either pine, cedar, and redwood. However, there are also more exotic alternatives like bamboo. The best thing about wooden gazebos is their enchanting appeal. They’re very aesthetically pleasing and require very little craftsmanship to become so. For example, even the simplest wooden gazebo, without frills or awesome designs, can be pleasing to the eyes of most passersby. The downside, however, is the amount of maintenance that they regularly require. Keep in mind that wood can easily rot, break or chip away when left unmaintained.

Vinyl – Vinyl gazebos are easier to maintain than wooden ones. Moreover, they are generally more durable. You won’t have any problems with rotting or warping with vinyl gazebos. However, you may find that they’re not as pleasing to the eye as their wooden counterparts. A great workaround to these maintenance requirements is to simply hire a professional to do the work for you. Though it may cost a bit more, it will be well worth the investment if you’re really dead set on a wood gazebo.

Another factor that you need to consider before building a gazebo is its shape. Traditionally, gazebos are shaped like octagons. However, there are other common variations, such as ovals, rectangles, and squares. Ultimately, the best shape for your gazebo will depend on your personal needs and taste.

You’ll also want to think about the other parts of your gazebo, such as the railings, roof, and flooring. Like the gazebo itself, railings can be either vinyl or wood. The roof and flooring, on the other hand, will allow you to choose other materials like tiles and parquet to add variation to the design.