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Wood Sealing (Decks and Fences)

Wood fences are a great addition to almost any home. The decorative and definitive border will not only give your property a pleasant rustic charm, but will also guarantee a bit of privacy from the neighbors.

The only real downside to wood fences is that they eventually rot away after a few years. Before you know it, your neighbor’s dog could very well be leaving unpleasant surprises in your yard! Fortunately, there are ways to make your fence last much longer than its natural lifespan. With regular care and maintenance, you’re guaranteed to keep his dog out and your yard dropping-free.

Ideally, wood fences constructed around homes should be made of redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated lumber. While all of these materials are generally very hardy and will stand up well against the natural elements, they will still eventually rot. Within the first year or two, parts of the fence will begin to split or warp. After about five to seven years, larger sections may begin to sag and lean. On their tenth to fifteenth year, the fences are usually ready to be completely replaced.

To get the most out of your investment, you will need to go beyond the usual cleaning, brushing, and hardware replacement. Applying high quality wood sealant, for example, will go a long way in preventing rot and slowing the weathering process. They can even improve the aesthetics of your fence by giving the wood a deeper and richer color.

There are plenty of options when choosing a sealant. There are water- and oil-based products, as well as penetrating, semi-transparent, and solid-color variants. Even some exterior wood stains may also work well as sealants. However, whatever product you choose, always remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions before applying it. Numerous factors, such as air temperature, humidity, sun exposure, and application method, may also affect the product’s performance. So, it’s definitely best to reach out to an expert instead of attempting to apply it yourself. While hiring a professional may initially be a bit more costly, it will definitely pay off in the future, because of the quality workmanship and long-lasting effects.